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Great conditions on my fifth visit to Bonaire. Wind every day and off course lots of action on the water.

On May 12th there was the traditional "Coppa Julia" held for Elvis Martinus`s daughter (co-founder of Bonaire Windsurf Place)

In wich I joined the Slalom Races too :-) And just for fun after that the local boys held a little "Super X" competition, with Kiri Thode, Björn Saragoza, Youp Schmit, Amado Vrieswijk and more. Also some nice Sunset Shots with Taty who was on the island for a very short time.

Some Behind the Scéne photos of the making of "Children of the Wind" are also on this page. An amazing story about the children of the island who....

If interested in any of these photos, please feel free to contact me, marc@vanswoll.chMore Bonaire Pics in my public Galleries

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